Sam in ‘The Rookie’ S02E04

Theatre: ‘The Thanksgiving Play’

Sam will be in the play ‘The Thanksgiving Play‘ at the Geffen Playhouse, which is Sam’s first play there. The play runs from Oct. 22nd – Dec. 1st 2019.

How does one celebrate Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month at the same time? In Larissa FastHorse’s biting satire, this is the question facing three “woke” white thespians tasked with devising an elementary school pageant about the first Thanksgiving while avoiding any culturally appropriative missteps. A roast of the politics of entertainment and well-meaning political correctness alike, The Thanksgiving Play puts the American origin story itself in the comedy-crosshairs. Source: Geffen Playhouse

Interview about ‘Pappy Hour’

A cute and short interview with ‘JeanBookNerd’

‘Miss Virginia’ trailer

The movie will be out on Oct. 18 and we finally have a trailer for it. Sam isn’t in it though.

Sam in ‘Animal Kingdom’

Back in July Sam appeared in a bief scene in ‘Animal Kingdom’ S04E07.

NoSleep Podcast S12E25 (Audio)

Last year Samantha was featured in the NoSleep podcast for the tale of ‘Whitefall’, where she portrays ‘Emily Pollock’.

WARNING: This is a horror fiction podcast. It is intended for mature adults, not the faint of heart. Join us at your own risk…