Month: November 2015

Grey’s Anatomy: S12E08 Screencaps

Samantha in ‘The Forgotten’ (Video)

In 2009, Samantha appeared in ‘The Forgotten’.

Grey’s Anatomy: S12E08 Sneak Peek

Samantha in ‘Castle’ (Video)

Samantha was in ‘Castle‘ in the episode ‘Room 147’, in 2014.

Samantha in ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Last year Samantha had an appearance in Hawaii Five-0 in the episode ‘Ho’i Hou’

Samantha in ‘Criminal Minds’ (Video)

Gallery: ‘Criminal Minds’ Screencaps

Gallery: Screencaps of TV Shows

Samantha in ‘Law & Order: LA’ (Video)

Samantha was a gues on Law & Order: LA in 2010, in the episode ‘Echo Park’

Samantha in ‘Parks and Recreation’ (Video)

Samantha was on Parks and Recreation, in the episode ‘New Slogan’, last year.

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