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Samantha in ‘The Beast’ S01E13 (2009) (Video)

The show features the late Patrick Swayze and ran for 1 season, with this being the last episode.

PLOT: FBI agent Charles Barker applies controversial techniques in his attempts to bring criminals to justice, which often border on illegal and unsettle his uninitiated partner, Ellis Dove. Over the course of the first season, Barker is investigated by fellow FBI agents for alleged misconduct. Dove’s loyalty to his partner is challenged when internal affairs agent Ray Beaumont (Larry Gilliard) approaches him to gain information. Shortly thereafter, Dove learns of darker secrets in Barker’s past.

Samantha in ‘SEAL Team’ S02E15 (Video)

Sam could be seen on SEAL Team again last night, in the episode ‘You Only Die Once’

Samantha in ‘SEAL Team’ S02E12 (Video)

Sam has returned as Victoria, widow of Adam in ‘SEAL Team’. She appears from time to time, with small scenes here and there.

Samantha in ‘SEAL Team’ S02E05 (Video)

Sam has played Victoria, wife of Adam in ‘SEAL Team’. It’s been a short stay for her, but what a great performance in this episode!

Samantha in ‘SEAL Team’ S02E03 (Video)

It wasn’t much we got of Sam in last nights episode of ‘SEAL Team’, but fear not, she should be back in episode 5, on oct. 31st.

Trailer: The Haunting of Hill House